Sunday, 27 September 2009

Merchants of Speed: The Men Who Built America's Performance Industry

This book is for budding automotive historians everywhere and describes how the all majority of the big names in performance parts came into existance. This is a very big book packed with pictures from the various companies founders private collections showing the small garages and workshops where it all began.

Through the book many of the founders tell their tales of the relentless quest to go faster and the lengths they went to to achive this, sometimes leading to the inevitable accident.

The following big-names are listed in the book without whom the hot-rodding world maybe a very different (and slower) place:

  • Ansen
  • Braje
  • Crane
  • Edelbrock
  • Engle
  • Evans
  • Herbert
  • Hilborn
  • Howards
  • Iskenderian
  • McGurk
  • Navarro
  • Offenhauser
  • Potvin
  • Scott
  • Sharp
  • Spalding
  • Tattersfield-Baron
  • Thickstun
  • Wayne
  • Weber
  • Weiand
  • Wilson
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About The Author
A longtime hot rod and drag racing enthusiast, Paul D. Smith split his time between Southern California and his native Canada while writing and researching this, his first book. Today he resides in Orillia, Ontario.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Complete Book Of Dodge And Plymouth Muscle

If you are a fan of classic American muscle cars then this book will definately appeal to you! It is packed from cover to cover with pictorial history of the Dodge and Plymouth cars from 1960 through to 1974. If it was build by Dodge or Plymouth then you'll find it in this book.

The book is divided into 10 sections each one giving detailed information on a specific model. As well as pictures of pristine examples of each car there are lots of statistics such as wheelbase, original cost, compression ratio, horse power etc and there is also information about the history and development of that model during the years.

At the beginning of the book is an introduction which gives lots of interesting information about the development of the famous Hemi engine which is still a popular choice in many customised vehicles.

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Art of the Hot Rod

There aren’t many books that everyone that sees it wants to borrow it but this is definately one of them! It is packed from cover to cover with hundreds of high-quality glossy pictures that will have any hot-rod enthusiast drooling!

The book covers 20 of the top hot-rod artisans whose attention to detail and quality is extremely high. Each chapter has a small amount of text introducing the person behind the cars and detailing what motivates them and where they get their inspiration. The following builders are each covered by the book;

* Dave Simard
* Jim Lowery Jnr.
* Rolling Bones
* Ken ‘Posies’ Fencial
* Alan Johnson
* Bobby Alloway
* Troy Trepanier
* Barry Lobeck
* Rick Dore
* Dave Crouse
* Donn Lowe
* Steve Frisbie
* Don Orosco
* Richard Graves
* Kennedy Brothers
* Pete Chapouris
* Zane Cullen
* Steve Moal
* Roy Brizio
* Vern Tardel

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

About the directory

The Just Customz website has always aimed to become a one-stop resource for the global car customising community and this has now become a step closer with the launch of their own web directory. The site attracts thousands of car enthusiasts every day and the addition of the new niche directory has been very popular. The directory lists everything from magazines to those difficult to find parts, accessories and services

The directory is broken down into an easy to navigate hierarchical structure starting with similar all-encompassing sites, like Just Customz, and filtering down to those difficult to find niche directories such as custom car insurance etc.

If you are a supplier of an automotive related service, facility or store you may be asking yourself why you should become part of this directory. There are two big advantages to becoming part of the directory which are:

a. Access to a huge volume of potential daily traffic that will be consumers of the service that you provide.

b. Many of the main search engine algorithms use inbound links as a measure of popularity and directly affect the positioning of a site in the search results.

If you read around the subject of link building, particularly with regard to directories, you’ll see that human edited and moderated directories often (not always) rate more highly than many of the free link farms that are available. You’ll also read that the more specific a directory is then the higher its value from a search engine perspective. It is important that your site is submitted to the correct sub-directory to gain the optimum benefits of the inclusion. This is because each sub-category is very specific and targeted at a very particular sub-set of keywords.

Monday, 14 September 2009

New Directory

I have finally updated the directory on the site now. It now behaves in the same way as all the on the web and accepts both non-reciprocal and reciprocal links. The directory is broken down into a hierarchy of categories that each have a topic relevant to the car customising community and will hopefully be of use to my visitors.