Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Art of the Hot Rod

There aren’t many books that everyone that sees it wants to borrow it but this is definately one of them! It is packed from cover to cover with hundreds of high-quality glossy pictures that will have any hot-rod enthusiast drooling!

The book covers 20 of the top hot-rod artisans whose attention to detail and quality is extremely high. Each chapter has a small amount of text introducing the person behind the cars and detailing what motivates them and where they get their inspiration. The following builders are each covered by the book;

* Dave Simard
* Jim Lowery Jnr.
* Rolling Bones
* Ken ‘Posies’ Fencial
* Alan Johnson
* Bobby Alloway
* Troy Trepanier
* Barry Lobeck
* Rick Dore
* Dave Crouse
* Donn Lowe
* Steve Frisbie
* Don Orosco
* Richard Graves
* Kennedy Brothers
* Pete Chapouris
* Zane Cullen
* Steve Moal
* Roy Brizio
* Vern Tardel

If you want to read the whole review and see some of the pictures from Art of the Hot Rod book then click here.

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