Thursday, 29 October 2009

The cross country adventure to SEMA has begun!

The Where In The World Are Rolling Bones cross country adventure to SEMA started today!!

Hot Rod? Check.

Books? Check.

Maps? Check.

Ken and Keith? Check. Check.

Speeding Ticket? Check.

The Rolling Bones Cross Country Adventure to SEMA started bright and early this morning... with a speeding ticket! Even before they hit the highway, Keith got a speeding ticket on the way to pick up Ken this morning. The best part? The guys only live 10 miles apart. I guess they were excited to get the WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE THE ROLLING BONES adventure started!

Rolling Bones arrive in Erie , Pennsylvania this afternoon and will hang with Erie County Flatheads Club tonight at the Quaker Steak & Lube ( 7851 Peach Street , Erie ), 7pm. All rodders in the area are welcome to come!

Don't forget to check back again to read what happens when they get there and see some pictures of the turn out!

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